Houston, you have options…  #hoUStonStrong

What do you do when your home floods?

  • enter your email to get the list of properties1. Take pictures! Document everything. Take a lot of pictures of inside and out of your home
  • 2. File your Insurance Claim. If you don’t have flood insurance, you can still file a claim!!! The worst that can happen? They say no! Visit disasterassistance.gov to learn more.
  • 3. Dry out your home! Everything that touched the water, needs go outside immediately!
  • 4. Walk your home with your adjuster. Go over the photos you took.
  • 5. Write up proof of loss. Long process! Be prepared
  • 6. Receive your check!!!!!!!

You have options!!!

Sell your home today AS IS! Move on quickly, and walk away with CASH. NO repairs needed. Sell AS IS. Move on quick.

Shoreline Property Group LLC will write you a cash offer. Sometimes you want to wait for your insurance or FEMA check. We will write an offer contingent on you receiving this check if needed. Fill out your information to the right to talk with a live person about your customized options based on your situation. 

***Shoreline Property Group LLC is registered and a liaison with FEMA ***

More questions? Call Shoreline at 469-215-2527

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