Who We Are

SPG Houses sources and buys homes in all of DFW. Our highly trained team specializes in the revitalization and restoration of single family homes for resale, build-to-rent holdings, as well as planning and developing raw land.

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Why Choose SPG Houses

Consider SPG Houses a white glove approach to selling your property with the least amount of effort. No more dealing with movers, agents, showings, liens issues, judgments and probate issues.

Our White Glove Services:

  • Quick Closing Process - Our team of experts make you the priority.

  • We Solve Probate - Our team can resolve probate issues 3x faster than anyone else.

  • We Pay Closing Fees - We cover all of the standard closing cost.

  • No Realtor Fees - Save on paying expensive commissions & fees to brokers or agents.

  • Home Condition - We can close on homes in any condition.

  • Notary Services - Convenient and efficient, we can come to you for signatures.

  • Charity Donation Service  - Put unwanted Items left in the home to good use.

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SPG Houses Proven Track Record

Entering into contract requires TRUST & FAITH. Trust that they will do what they say they will do and Faith that they can follow through on their promises. Knowing a company’s past history strengthens both.

SPG Houses has a proven track record purchased/closed 233+ homes 2017-2018 in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

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2018 Success Stories

Total Homes Purchased: 233

Total SqFt Revitalized: 244,598

Total Acquisition: $49,983,600.00

Total Bedrooms Restored: 728

Total Bathrooms Renovated: 446

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Advantages Of A Cash Offer For Your Home

Many homeowners have delayed selling their home for fear of the uncertain. Will I have to clean my house? Will strangers come in while I am gone? How will I ever pay for the repairs needed to sell my house? What will I do with all this stuff? How can I sell my home if my family and I don’t get along? These are all very valid thoughts and we have solutions to all of them.

Excessive repairs can seem burdensome. SPG Houses is an expert in revitalization and there is no job too big or complicated that we are not able to solve. Our staff of experienced industry professionals have built homes from the ground up as well as extensively remodeled 100year old buildings.

A quick close is needed sometimes when  lightning strikes and puts a homeowner in a scenario where they need cash fast to balance the scales of their financial hardship. Also, sometimes homeowners have put an offer on a new home and need their money fast to pay for their new house. Here we understand the need to close quickly and do not rely on a lender to close. Most transactions can be arranged to be closed with cash and will not rely on the terms and steps of a formal lender.  

Cleaning out a property is a hardship for anyone, and especially for the surviving family members of those whom have passed on. SPG Houses works with local charities so that reusable items left in the home can be donated to serve various community outreach programs. It is a good feeling to know old furniture is put to good use while helping a local charity. At the same time, it is a small bonus that the expense and effort of removing the property is no longer an issue.

Foreclosure is tough for anyone to face, SPG Houses can assist in the foreclosure process and give you time to complete the sale of your home.

Divorce can be unexpected and leave couples with little time to dissolve assets before their settlement. Our closing team is familiar with the intricacies and can make the process smooth and transparent for both parties.

Probate of a property is expensive and time consuming. SPG Houses can resolve probate issue 3x faster than traditional probate methods through the courts at a fraction of the cost. Our title experts can bypass the probate through an Affidavit of Heirship and save thousands of dollars and months of time.

Tenants can make the sales process very difficult. We understand the value of a good tenant and will politely manage this relationship throughout the closing process. We buy tenant occupied properties as long term rental and we like to keep good tenants.

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Contact Us

To receive a cash offer for your home, please fill out the contact us section below and our staff with respond shortly.